Why enable 2FA ?

For the Vasilis Skarleas Cloud only we are offering a unique way to retrieve your password and login credentials directly from your messenger account . This is a system that Vasilis Skarleas Cloud uses exclusivly.

This featues works as an insurance for you in cas ethat you forgot you rpassword and you don't want to change it .

It fast, secure and reliable - Ot's easier than setting up a new password

It is an extra security step for your account

How to set up 2FA ?

  1. Login at your Vasilis Skarleas Cloud account at https://cloud.madebyvasilis.site/login

  2. Go to "account"

  3. Navigate to "security" page

  4. Click at enable 2FA

  5. You will get redirected on messenger .

  6. Please follow the steps along