What is Vasilis Skarleas Cloud ?

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud was previously known as IBN Cloud, a cloud based system from which you could access in a simple way all your website's statistics. Now Vasilis Skarleas Cloud has extended its services as mentioned below.
Vasilis Skarleas Cloud is an all-in-one cloud based app for website analytics, domain name details, server access, request update and more. Vasilis Skarleas Cloud also offers hosting to custom coded websites that are not based on Wordpress, Wix, Drupal or other CMS service.

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud offers

  • Advanced analytics
Find out how your website performs on Google and on search results. Check live data and realtime users. Analyze SEO impact and see how many people visited your website, from where and which actions did they have taken.
  • Growth monitoring
  • Downtime records
Find all your downtime records like when and why your website wasn't accesible and for which period of time, as well as live status and notificatiosn for the oprations of your website.
  • Development process and interactive dashboards
Keep in track of a detailed development process with interactive dashboards to be always informed for all the stages of your project. Transparency is one of our main values.
  • Domain name information
Moreover, learn all your domain name details like name servers, expiration date, DNS records via server access and more.
  • Server access and website's status notification
For specific account types, you can access the server of your website and change the configuration on your own. Moreover, you can see the website updates of your website directly from your account.
  • Request updates for your website or blog
Through Vasilis Skarleas Cloud application, you can request the update of your website or blog and an updates history will be generated.
Vasilis Skarleas Cloud integartes with top class apps to provide to you advanced monitoring with, deep website analytics with Google Analytics, AI customized optimization of data with Google Data Studio, server access via KonsholeH framework and domain name details with Papaki API.

You can learn more by visiting the Vasilis Skarleas Clous Official website at .