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How to Show Tasks Deadlines on IBNcontactor ?

When we start to collaborate with you, we will insert you to IBNcontactor, our intercommunication system. This is one of the most important steps as from there you have to send us the content as well as to report changes and take part into design polls before we finish the construction process.

IMPORTANT: After we finish the construction and you may want to ask an update you have to do that through the “Website Update“ process. See HOW-TO here.

Now, it’s important to set up Tasks Deadlines on IBNcontactor so you can see your “homework” and our progress based on the development process. See how to show Tasks Deadlines on IBNcontactor bellow:

  1. Find an email in your mailbox with subject Vasilis Skarleas via Samepage
  2. Click at “Accept Invitation” 
  3. On the page that opens click at “PROCEED TO SAMEPAGE” 
  4. Select calendar from the left section menu 
  5. Click at thee bullets on the right upper corner 
  6. Select “Show Tasks Deadlines”

When you aren’t login or active, if we set up, update, or change any task/deadline you will get informed via email automatically. It would be useful if you Register in Samepage platform so as not to lose access to your account. Whether you don’t do that, you have to open every time the invitation email and click at Accept Invitation link to access IBNcontactor dashboard. If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to contact at [email protected].

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