Vasilis Skarleas Cloud vs. Vasilis Skarleas Network

What’s the difference between Vasilis Skarleas Network and Vasilis Skarleas Cloud ?

Vasilis Skarleas Network

Vasilis Skarleas Network is the core of development process. It's our main collaboration software in which you are invited by an administrator. This system is powered by Zoho Connect.
After you agree to collaborate with us to develop your website, we will send you an invitation to insert in Vasilis Skarleas Network. This platform offers all the required means so that you can communicate directly with your developer. This is the platform in which you will send your. website's texts, images and graphics if there are ones. Via Vasilis Skarleas Network's chat, your developer may ask your opinion for something that is misunderstood during development process. During development process, all the communication will be done through this system.

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud

Vasilis Skarleas Cloud formly known as IBN Cloud is a cloud based system from which you can access in a simple way:
- all your website’s statistics and analytics
- domain name information like name servers and expiration date
- development process and interactive dashboard for every detail of the process
- requested updates for your website or blog
- website notifications including website or blog's downtime records and operation status
- server access through Vasilis Skarleas Network (for specific account types)
- you can request a website or blog update and more...

Sum up

The Vasilis Skarleas Network is the pre publish collaboration software. This is the system that we will use to communicate before your website is published. Vasilis Skarleas Cloud is the after publish software. This is the system that you will use to access your website's analytics, information etc. as well as to request website's updates.
After we publish your website and we terminate your Vasilis Skarleas Network account
When your Vasilis Skarleas Network account is terminated, there will be no way to direct communicate the development department. You can only send website update requests via Vasilis Skarleas Cloud, or in emergency situations, you can send an email at [email protected]. Our dedicated support team stays always active and responsive to our clients requests - questions as you have priority support pass.