How to use third party SMTP ?

This article is only for users that have selected forward email service for their professional emails.
  • Login to your Gmail account from a PC at
  • Click on the Settings icon on the upper right corner
  • Click at "See all settings"
  • Navigate to the "Accounts and imports tab"
  • Now, click on "Add another email address"
  • A pop-up will open or a new tab will open and you have to fill out the Name and the Email Address fields by using this formula below:
  • When you have clicked next, this page will appear and you have to fill out the fields by including this information. PORT 587 TLS
We will provide to you the SMTP server and the required login credentials. These instructions are refered to general steps that you need to follow.
  • After you have clicked "Add Account >>", will appear a page saying that the Gmail Team has sent a verification code to your inbox. Go to your inbox and search for an email from the Gmail Team
  • The email will look like the one below. Click on the provided link to verify the external SMTP server and you are ready to go.
Done! Now you are using a third party email SMTP provider to send your professional emails directly from your personal inbox.