Forward Email Service

If you don’t want to have two different apps to access your personal and your business email, you can do everything by using only your personal email.
You business looks like to have a custom email address ex: [email protected] but all the emails sent to this address will redirect to your personal account/s. So your personal account isn’t exposed and your users-visitors can’t know your personal address.
If you have a gmail account, then we can set gmail to use your forward email as an aliase of your personal account so each time that you reply on each email, your personal address will stay disclosed.
This means that no server is required to run this type of email service since your personal email is used to host these email as well.
This email service is suitable for:
  • Small business
  • Websites that are not hosted on dedicated servers
  • Websites that don’t run on Wordpress
  • Websites that are custom coded and hosted on Vasilis Skarleas Cloud

Start replying on your profesional emails from your personal inbox

If you select to continue with forward email service as we have already explained, your personal email inbox will also get used for your professional email inbox. But how are you going to reply on the professionals emails if there is no professional inbox and custom emails server.

Start sending using Gmail SMTP

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