Service related announcements

This policy applies to everyone that visits any website under the, has signed or agreed orally to any project development, and to anyone that is using our services or software(s)
Vasilis Skarleas Cloud, CheckingMail, Vasilis Skarleas Systems, Speedtest Service, VS Downtime Records, VS Status, and VS Emails run under Vasilis Skarleas Network. All the above services, systems, data, and analytics are provided by Vasilis Skarleas Group. Our services are built in the cell of a central network that operates with different 3rd party services like Freshdesk, Atlassian Jira, StatusPage IO, Zoho Connect, Postmark, Rebrandly.
All the above services are connected through different APIs so that we can monitor their responsiveness and to transfer data requests between the systems. This means that your personal data maybe have been getting stored on different systems based on what services have you used, or your email marketing preferences.
To request the deletion of your data from all the different locations and system, you can refer to this article.