What happens when domain name expires and which are some additional terms and conditions for re-registration.
If you login through our system, you will find a table with the name "Domain Expiration". This table will show the date that your domain name will expire. You don't have to do anything, we will inform when we have to renew this, and how to send as the payment.
As all the domains that we handle are under a pool account domain name, you can't handle the payment form your end. That's why, we will inform you when you have to update your domain name and the payment will be handled by us.
ATTENTION: In case that we do not renew the domain name license, then all its records will be lost immediately and after its expiration date and time your website will not be anymore accessible. If you do not pay your domain name, we lose the license and then you want to reregister the domain name, there is a penalty fee of 100 EUR.