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Domain Name & Custom Email Service Conditions

Domain Name Conditions

All domain registrations and renewals are to be paid in advance.

Expiration of a domain can result in service disruption and loss of domain.

Vasilis Skarleas inc. will not be responsible if a domain expires due to non-payment / late payment of the charges. All payments must be made by seven working days before the expiry date, but you have to know that we will let you know 14 days before the last day of expiration.

It is client’s responsibility to renew their domain names with us.

All invoices and dues must be paid in full before we release the requested domain name.

Vasilis Skarleas inc. has the domains in a common pool account and therefore cannot give access to its domain control panel.

We offer packages in co-ordination with third party providers. Changes to the third party provider’s rules and policies may ultimately effect the services we provide or the terms and conditions herein.

Custom Email Service Conditions

The custom mail addresses service is an extra free feature that we serve to all our customers. You can activate it for free from HERE. The domain name that is connected with these mailboxes still remains under your ownership as well as the rights and the privacy of your mailboxes. We only reserve the administration rights in cases that you need to retrieve lost passwords, to change your company's email policy and to set up automated responses. The email service is powered by Zoho Ltd. and with the email addresses you gain access to all the G Suite Zoho services that includes collaboration software, office software etc. If you need to pay extra for any of Zoho services that aren't in this packet explained above, it's your responsibility to set up and handle the fees for this service. 

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